Stand alone Teleprotection equipments are offered by PLC representing a favorable element for traditional point to point application as well for the Smart Communication System scheme.

Teleprotection consist on the transmission of a dry contact delivered by a Distance Protection Relay on one side of the Power Link to the other side with specific Security and Dependability commitment.

Dependability is defined as the amount of certain that a message will be delivered and received on time when an actual message was sent.

Security is defined as the amount of certain that a message will; not be false received when no message were sent.

The DPLC – 45, is a fully programmable Teleprotection Channel suitable for Direct Transfer Trip, Permissive Transfer Trip, Blocking and Unblocking applications.


Flash memory and remote RS-232 communications allows new firmware to be loaded making field programming possible without having to open the chassis. The communications interface can be converted in the field to adapt to different types of media.



The UCC 2045 Teleprotection channel is a revolutionary product platform that provides the user with a fully programmable system that can be used for Direct Transfer Trip, Permissive Transfer Trip, Blocking, and Unblocking applications.


The product is unique in that the same platform is used for analogue, digital, and IEC 61850 LAN tripping applications. The base system is the digital platform that can be used to transmit and receive up to 32 functions in groups of 8. Each block of 8 commands is transmitted over a 56/64kbs data channel, these data channels can be any of the supported digital interfaces.


In essence the user is provided a teleprotection channel that has four conventional 8-function teleprotection systems built-in for the price of one.