Ensuring the Reliability of the Electrical Power Grid



PLC is a world leader in engineering, automation, protection, control and communications for electrical transmission and distribution grids, specializing in  Telecommunications for Electrical Substations and SmartGrid applications. With over 30 years of outstanding service, PLC continues to design and develop high-tech integrated systems, ensuring the reliable and secure operation of electrical networks. PLC proudly delivers integrated systems directly to clients as well to contractors and strategic partners around the globe.

Telecommunications for Electrical Grids:


Power Line Carrier: Digital and Analog

Fiber Optic: E1, SDH, SONET, WDM

Teleprotection: Digital and Analog

Industrial Ethernet Switches: managed and Unmanaged

Reference Clocks: GPS, PTP, NTP

PLC Coupling: Line Traps, Capacitors, Line Matching Unit, Balance Transformers



Industrial Automation (IIOT): RSM2M

PLC, founded in 1984 as a General Electric Co. manufacturer licensee for Power Line Carrier communications equipment, has a strong international presence among Power Line Carrier manufacturers worldwide.

As an equipment manufacturer or as a turnkey contractor, PLC has undertaken hundreds of projects in North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, building a solid reputation for excellence.


Quality is our Commitment


PLC is an engineering company providing high tech solutions to the electrical, industrial and energy industries by ensuring the reliability of electric supply. PLC is committed to offering high-quality Telecommunications, Control and Protection products for the energy sector. PLC continuously promotes the professional development of its personnel through training, and improves the organization’s work process in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.