Reference Clocks

Highly accurate phase-synchronized frequency and time base


VCL-2145 (VCL-2145-D) is a high-performance, high-reliability GPS / GNSS Primary Reference Clock and IEEE-1588v2 PTP Grandmaster that provides ITU-T G.811 Primary Synchronization Frequency References which are locked to a user selected Satellite source.

The VCL-2145 (VCL-2145-D) Satellite Receiver also has an integrated, high bandwidth NTP Server engine that is capable of handling up to 5000 NTP requests per second. Multiple IRIG-B Outputs are also provided to synchronize local clock (time-of-day) display units to a central timing source with nanosecond accuracy.


Available with:

1+1 (VCL-2145-D, with GPS / GNSS redundancy)
>1+0 (VCL-2145-D, without GPS / GNSS redundancy)




The VCL-2156 NTP Time Server is designed to provide NTP output and ITU-T G.811 Primary Reference Clock that is locked to a GPS / GNSS reference to provide time synchronization to private networks such as Railways and Metro (ticketing and platform) networks, Airports and Air-Traffic Control facilities, Electric Sub-Stations, Power Distribution and Transmission companies, Oil and Gas Utilities, ISPs and Cable TV networks as well as to Campus networks that are required to maintain a complete isolation from public networks for security reasons. It may be also used by 2G, 3G and LTE service providers which provide a time of day reference to their customers over their wireless networks.


VCL-2156 locks to a GPS / GNSS reference to provide an NTP time reference on up to 4+1, 10/100BaseT Ethernet Ports which can be segregated to serve separate classes of assets in the network.