Power Line Carrier

Power Utilities rely on Power Line Carrier Communications technology as a critical component to ensure the reliability of the power service to their customers.



The most important aspect of the Power Line Carrier system, designed to protect high-voltage power lines from unexpected events that could disrupt the energy flow.

Voice Communication


Allows a Substation Control Center/Operator to reach out to another Substation Control Center/Operator and communicate when maneuvers are required.

Data Communication


Provides information of line conditions, open circuits and transmitted/received power needs. The Control Centers uses this data to manage the entire network.

The UCC 2021D is the only Power Line Carrier on the market to allow the routing of Ethernet, Fiber Optics, Microwave and Radio in addition to the standard communication and teleprotection.


Digital Power Line Carrier with adaptive modulation, voice switching capability and smart routing comprises of an analogic modulation (SSB) and digital adaptive modulation (QAM) transceivers.


The Power Line Carrier equipment is based on digital signal processing (DSP), meeting IEC 60495 standards for high-voltage power line carrier equipments. It also provides voice for telephone communications (FXS/FXO/4W E&M), synchronous data transmission (V.35, G.703), asynchronous (V.24) and IP (10/100 BaseT).


Besides the above, an integrated Teleprotection module with up to 8 bi-directional commands and built-in test panel is provided as part of our UCC2021D.



Using the most efficient General Electric technology, PLC has had, for a long time, a complete line of Power Line Carrier products with SSB Single Side Band modulation for single, double, or four-channel configuration.


PLC’s long experience in Power Line systems has been used to design the UCC Plexor (Universal Communications Center), a highly integrated equipment incorporating digital technology to increase its reliability and flexibility for easy in installation and maintenance.