Phasor Measurement Unit and Phasor Data Concentrator


The VCL-PMU-30 is a comprehensive and a fully integrated, modular phasor measurement unit (PMU) and control solution designed for synchrophasor measured values and IEEE C37.118 protocol and grid monitoring.


VCL-PMU-30 monitors voltage, frequency, phase angle and shifts in the power transmission network in real time to detect grid imbalances, excessive loads zones and trouble spots which can result in grid failure.


The VCL-PMU-30 chassis can be configured to provide accurate P and M class measurements using GPS / GNSS, IEEE-1588v2 PTP as well as IRIG-B time inputs with better the 50ns, phase synchronized time-stamp accuracy.




VCL-PDC (Phasor Data Concentrator) is a high-performance platform for managing Synchrophasor data and processing streaming data in real-time. The VCL-PDC receives and time-synchronizes phasor data from multiple Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) to produce real-time, time-stamped output data stream.


A PDC can simultaneously store and send PMU data to multiple locations. By using multiple PDCs, customer can create multiple layers of concentration, within a Synchrophasor data system.